Tuesday, June 30, 2009


so, the adventure has begun. this morning...which seems like years ago i boarded my plane from salt lake and flew to NY. when i was boarding the plane i found my seat and sat next to a drunk lady who decided that she would kindly offer up her middle seat to me in exchange for my less desireable window seat. how thoughtful of her...i informed her that he gesture was kind but that i would be the bigger person and put up with the aweful window seat. (hopefully those of you who dont know me to well can pick up on the sarcasm that seeping out of everyword from that last sentence..) anyways after a six hour lay over in JFK we boarded our plane to shannon ireland. that flight was fabulous because i dont remember anything about it (thanks to my ambien) except the rude flight attendant and the smelly, but nice, irish man that i sat by. now i am here, in green ireland sitting at the airport waiting to get started on the day...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

the night before

so...its the night before i leave on my study abroad and i am frantically tring to pack and get ready. i am having a hard time getting my suitcase to weight less than 50 lbs...but i think i have managed to do it...barely. im a little bit nervous and not looking forward to the long flight but i have my sleeping pills so hopefully i can stay caught up on sleep hahaha. i better get to bed, i have a long day tomorrow. next time i post i will be in IRELAND!!! goodnight!