Tuesday, August 11, 2009

20 Things I've Learned on My Study Abroad

1. I’ve learned that sometimes public restrooms will just have to do…
2. I’ve learned that I am really really grateful for showers that are the same consistent temperature
3. I've learned what bed bugs are
4. I’ve learned that Marks and Spencer’s is the best store in the world
5. I’ve learned that I appreciate toilets in America that flush on the first attempt
6. I’ve learned that castles and cathedrals are amazing but no matter who you are they eventually get boring
7. I’ve learned that I am not the biggest fan of Shakespeare plays
8. I’ve learned to not talk to strangers on the tube late at night
9. I’ve learned what “snogging” really means…
10. I’ve learned that “a chance of afternoon showers” means that it is going to rain all day…
11. I’ve learned that late night “study” parties are great, especially when we have all been cooped up all night and Saire has her “clothes” to play dress up in…
12. I’ve learned how to substitute chocolate bars for frosting
13. I’ve learned that in Ireland “craic” is not a term for an illegal drug
14. I’ve learned to not flash the peace sign to anyone in Europe…
15. I’ve learned how to stop terrorism with a simple hug…
16. I’ve learned to make the most of every second
17. I’ve learned how much I appreciate my family
18. I’ve learned that not everyone can always get along perfectly but you just need to learn to accept and love everyone for who they are
19. I’ve learned how much I enjoy learning and stepping out of my comfort zone
20. Finally, I've learned about a new and different culture, learned how to embrace and adapt to it, but more importantly learned that in the end we are all the same

Oh and a bonus just for fun: I’ve learned to always always always “mind the gap.”

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