Friday, August 7, 2009

Stratford (Aug 4th)

Today was the first day of our last week on the study abroad. We drove to Stratford upon Avon and it was a quaint little town. It was very small and unfortunately it was raining all day long. This is where Shakespeare is from and everything in the town was named after him. Our first stop was to his wife, Anne Hathaway’s cottage where she lived and raised shakespear's children. We snapped some pictures and then we went to shakespear’s home that he grew up in. it was restored recently but supposedly it was just like the original. It was interesting to walk through. After we walked through the town and came to the church where he is buried. We saw his tomb and took a few more pictures. It really was neat to be there just because Shakespeare is such an important person. He did so much for the English language. He was so influential and had such an impact on literature and writing in general. Later in the evening we went out to dinner and had some great dinner, but even better dessert. It was banana cheesecake and I was in heaven. That is where the good part of the day ended. After dinner we went to a Shakespeare play called a Winter’s Tale. It would have been better if I wasn’t so tired and if it wasn’t almost four hours long. It was very bizarre and frankly after the show I felt I had been dreaming for the last couple of hours. It was all a blur and I was pretty happy when it was over. When I looked around at the people in my group during the play I saw that 14 of the 26 people were asleep. However, even though the play wasn’t the best I still had a great day and enjoyed Stratford.

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