Friday, August 7, 2009

Liverpool (August 5th)

Today we drove to Liverpool which was rad! It was a beautiful sunny and warm day. We were fortunate enough to meet up with Saries uncle who happens to be an ambassador for the city. “he is kind of a big deal” according to him and he was so much fun. He took us to the Beatle’s story museum which told the history of the Beatles and how they got together. It also gave information about their whole career and what happened after they split up. I was sooo happy to be here, the Beatles are amazing and this was one of my favorite days. Little did we know, but Sarie’s uncle used to be the booking manager for the Beatles. He was actually in New York with Paul McCartney last week! He got us in for free and hooked us up with cake and smoothies. He also gave us vip ambassador pins and we got some special privileges in the tour. He even was in some of the displays in the tour and narrated some of the self guided tour. Today I learned that john Lennon and Paul McCartney met when they were just 15 and started to play together. Also, I didn’t realize this but their actual recording career only lasted eight years! In those few years they had over 200 hit songs, many of which have been redone hundreds of times. In fact there are over 3,000 versions of the song “Yesterday.” After this museum we went over to the second newer part. It has only been open for about a month and it was mostly about John Lennon. It was about his life, his marriages and his children. I found out some cool facts about one of my favorite Beatles songs “Hey Jude.” It was written by Paul for John’s son Julian when john and his first wife got their divorce. The song was originally titled “Hey Jules” but it was changed later. We also walked over to Mathew Street where the Cavern (which is the pub that the Beatles got started at) is. We walked in and saw it and hung out for a bit. Liverpool is very proud of the fact that the Beatles started here. In fact, when they started to get popular they were resentful because they didn’t want the world to share their beloved band.
After the museum we thought we would be so funny if we bought Beatles wigs and glasses and walked around the town. We walked back into our hostel and nobody recognized us. it was hilarious. We wore them for the rest of the night and took really funny pictures. Im sad to be leaving Liverpool tomorrow morning and wish we had a few more days here.

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