Friday, August 7, 2009

Hadrians Wall (August 7th)

We also stopped at Hadrian’s Wall today on our way to Scotland. This is a wall that was built by the Romans to keep the Scottish out of England. It runs the whole boarder of the two countries and in some places is four meters high. We walked a long it for a while and of course snapped some pictures. After we got back on the bus. It seemed like we were on it for so long today. My back was hurting from sitting so long it was miserable. We finally arrived in Scotland after a long long long drive. The worst was still to come. I don’t know how but for some reason I ended up with eight bags. I looked like an absolute idiot trying to haul all my stuff down the road to the hostel. Everyone was pointing and laughing and one guy even commented that it is always easier to travel light. I wanted to punch him. Then we got to the hostel and found out that we had to go up two flights of stairs…no elevator… and once we finally got to our room we realized how miserable this stay is really going to be. The rooms are tiny!!! And we have a dozen people in each room; have co-ed showers and bathrooms, and no outlets in our rooms. So 25 girls trying to get ready in the morning is going to be so much fun. I really am grateful to be here I know it doesn’t sound like it right now…but I think that after this week I will be happy to be going home.

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