Sunday, August 9, 2009

Edinburgh (August 8th)

So Scotland hasn’t been the most exciting place we have been… its still been nice don’t get me wrong but I miss London. We are staying in Edinburgh and im not a huge fan. It’s a rougher city and it gets a little dangerous at times. So at night we basically have to hang out at our lovely hostel. I miss the country, it was beautiful. I have learned a few things about this country…I have learned that you never use the “E” word (English). They do not have very kind feelings towards the English. Also Scotland has about 12.5 million sheep and only about 5 million people. Crazy right? Of those 5 million people, 7% own 80% of all the land. In other words there is a huge gap between the rich and the poor and there is a small portion of the country that is extremely wealthy. We went on a tour through the country yesterday and saw a castle and a few cities but it wasn’t too exciting. Our bus driver was pretty cool; he wore a kilt…that was about the highlight of my day. My hostel keeps getting better and better…. Ive seen quite a few naked men walking around (in fact we have officially re-named this hostel the “creeper men hostel.” every morning we wake up to the stench of cigarette smoke…we sleep on beds that squeak every time you move an inch and they wake everyone in the room up…what else…I don’t know, other than that Scotland is great…
Last night was two of the girls in our groups birthday so we went out to dinner and then kenzie and I made a birthday cake for them. We had to improvise because on the package everything was labeled in ml instead of tsp or tbls… also, we had no tools for measuring so it was very makeshift. It turned out great however and everyone liked it. We were proud of ourselves.

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